06/14/2006 (Suzanna) - The month of May concluded with a delightful visit from daughter Renee and her husband, Michael Estes, from Oklahoma City.  As you can see from the pictures, we enjoyed a tour of Mammoth Caves, Holiday World and water park in Santa Claus, IN, and a day of golfing.  Beau seemed to enjoy his first trip to KY. 

Our Cornerstone Sunday School class, which Richard teaches, hosted a 50th birthday party for our pastor, Kenneth Stone.

Suzanna is recuperating from surgeries on both feet June 5.  She is thankful to be doing remarkably well and desires your prayers for complete recovery. 

To see some current pictures, click here.

05/20/2006 (Suzanna) - Praise God for this spring season!  We had a busy May with trips to Kentucky Churchill Downs to see the Oaks races and a trip to Colorado and Kansas.   We were blessed to spend time at the Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado Springs.  After a couple of work days in Colby, Kansas we took time to enjoy the beautiful examples of God’s creation work at Royal Gorge, Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods.

To see some  pictures, click here.

04/22/2006 (Suzanna) - Praise God for this wonderful Easter and spring season!  Owensboro is breathtakingly beautiful at this time of year.  Our Sunrise service in the church cemetery was so moving Easter Sunday morning. 

As your read in our posting April 9, our trip to Arizona with Richard’s mother was great.  It was a delight to visit brother Reg and his wife Carrie in their lovely home in Mesa.  We now have some photos to view.   (click here)

We each had good trips to WV and KS.  What a joy for Suzanna to find her mother back home and doing so well!  This week she has been planting onions.  She still deals with intense soreness in her chest and gets tired easily, but overall she is making wonderful progress.  Please continue your prayers for her.

04/09/2006 (Suzanna) - We had a wonderful trip to Phoenix!  Reg and Carrie made us feel like honored guests in their lovely home in Mesa.  We enjoyed some mountain hikes, a street fair, a community theatre play, church, a bus tour of Phoenix, and trips to Prescott, Tortilla Flat, Payson and Tonto Natural Bridge.  Richard’s mother flew back to Canada Tuesday night, and we arrived home Thursday night.  We’ll post some pictures later.

We’re thankful that none of the recent severe storms have affected our home area.  Places not far from Owensboro have had deaths and devastating damage in the last week.  Suzanna is going to WV to visit family this week. Her mother continues to improve.  Praise the Lord!  Richard has a business trip to Kansas.  Please pray for our safe travels.

God bless each person reading this as we approach Easter weekend – the remembrance of our Lord’s death and resurrection!  Praise God for the gift of salvation!

03/27/06 (Suzanna) - We’re delighted to have our “Canadian Mom” Louise visiting with us.  When she arrived in Phoenix, there had been no rain for 145 days.  While she visited there, they not only had lots of rain but cold temperatures and even snow!  Kentucky weather has also been cold since her arrival last Tuesday night.  Among activities since she arrived has been a trip to Moonlite BBQ.   Friday we enjoyed a 2-hour tour of Mammoth Caves.  She enjoyed hearing Richard teach Sunday School and Discipleship at church yesterday.  Tuesday, March 28, we’re going to Louisville to an Easter pageant at Southeast Christian church.  It promises to be a very large and memorable program.  We’re flying to Phoenix with her Friday afternoon, looking forward to visiting a few days with Reg and Carrie.


03/19/06 (Suzanna) - March is a special month for our family.  Today, March 19, would have been Mom and Dad’s 60th wedding anniversary.   It was March 17, 1965, that Dad was saved.  By the next March he was terminally ill with lung cancer and went to Heaven October 2, 1966.   It was on Mom’s birthday, March 7 of  1975, that Mamie was miraculously healed and had her sight restored.  We have much for which to be thankful.

We’re looking forward to Richard’s mother’s arrival late Tuesday night at the airport in Nashville.  She will be with us about 10 days.  Please pray for her travel to be safe and pleasant.  As you may recall, she is currently visiting Richard’s brother and wife in Phoenix.  She comes to the States from her Canadian home every year or two. 

Thank you for checking our website!  We pray God’s blessings on your family and friends!

03/13/06 (Suzanna) -Sunday, March 5, we were privileged to attend the 100th birthday celebration of one of our church members, Louise Rafferty.  It was a delight to play “Happy Birthday” on the piano so everyone could sing to her.  Miraculously, she lives alone and is aiming for 106 at this point.

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary!  We are so thankful for our marriage!

03/04/06 (Suzanna) - Mother continues to improve very slowly.  She still has not left Mamie’s house since going there from the hospital.  Thanks to so many of you who have sent her cards for her 81st birthday on March 7!   We all really appreciate your thoughtfulness and your prayers.

We’re looking forward to a visit from Richard’s mother, Louise, from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada!  She is flying to Richard’s youngest brother’s home in Phoenix on Monday, March 6, and flying here on March 21. We’ll have her with us for ten days.   We will be accompanying her on her return flight to Phoenix and plan to visit with Reg and Carrie for a few days.

02/24/06 (Suzanna) - I’m thankful for a safe trip to and from WV this week.  I had some slick roads Monday morning but soon got onto dry highways and had no problems.  Yesterday’s weather for the return trip was a welcome relief from the dreary cold and snow we’d had all week.  It was almost 60 degrees when I got to Owensboro and is supposed to be in the upper 50s again today.

It was the saddest trip I’ve ever made considering the death of Uncle Ulbert and Mom’s excruciatingly slow progress back to better health.  She really is improving, but it is discouragingly slow.   She has not felt like leaving the house even for a short ride in the car since coming to Mamie’s January 29 from the hospital.  She has tremendous soreness and pain in her chest, shoulders, and back.  She is eating better, walking better, and able to bathe herself.  Neither she nor Aunt Anna were able to attend Uncle Ulbert’s funeral; but they would have been pleased (as we all were) with the attendance and the service.  Mom’s pastor visited Aunt Anna and Uncle Ulbert often and was to help with the funeral; but he was unable to be there.  Jack helped Uncle Ulbert’s pastor, Rev. Hannibal Blankenship, by opening the service with reading the obituary, making some comments, and praying.  He did a wonderful job. Pastor Glen Hatfield also helped by concluding the committal service with prayer.  Because of the bad weather, they had the committal service in the funeral parlor at the end of the funeral.   Aunt Margaret has done a commendable job taking care of all the business related to Uncle Ulbert’s hospitalizations and his funeral.  It has been such a heavy load on her and Uncle Bill.   Neighbors, family, and church friends brought an abundance of food to her house, and the family enjoyed a meal after the funeral.   We took plates to Mom and Aunt Anna.

Originally, Richard and I had planned to go to Mamie’s a week from today to celebrate Mom’s March 7th birthday the first weekend in March.  However, Aunt Margaret and Uncle Bill came to Mamie’s, and we had an early celebration Wednesday.  Her birthday “cake” was one of Mamie’s homemade coconut pies, left from those she’d made for the funeral meal.   Richard and I are going to wait until later in the spring to visit.   Hopefully, she’ll be feeling better by then, and we’ll celebrate her improved health and her return home.   Mother was fine with that plan.  If you’d like to send her an 81st birthday greeting, I know that would cheer her.

 Elizabeth Tilley; HC 72, Box 30; Oceana, WV 24870

Most of all, please continue to pray for her, for Aunt Anna, and for all the family.

I have an additional prayer request:

One of Southern Gospel music's favorite pianists, Anthony Burger, died after suffering an apparent heart attack.   Anthony was stricken on a Gaither Homecoming cruise in the Caribbean during Wednesday evening's program.   Please keep the Burger family in your prayers during this very difficult time.  More info is available at http://www.singingnews.com


Hanham Family - 2006