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Tuesday May 27 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Today we walked the streets of Amsterdam.  Light showers persisted during the day, but that did not dampen our spirits.  Many of the streets run along both sides of navigable canals.
01 Amsterdam Suz

02 Amsterdam Sts, Canals

We had hoped to visit the home of Anne Frank.   On an earlier trip we had seen the home of Corrie Ten Boom.   Nearby there was a statue erected for Anne and many visitors had been leaving notes and gifts around the statue.
03 Amsterdam Anne Frank Memorial

When we arrived at Anne Franks’ home, we discovered that there was a line that stretched for several city blocks of other tourists who also wished to visit the site.   Our limited time in Amsterdam did not allow us to wait in line, so we merely looked around the neighborhood.
04 Amsterdam Line to Frank House

Very close to Anne Franks’ home is the old  and ornate Westerkerk Church.
05 Amsterdam-Westerkerk Church by Anne Frank home

It was sad to see how Amsterdam advertises their Red Light district and permits the free sale of Marijuana and other drugs.  In the main tourist areas, nearly every store sold marijuana supplies.   Additionally we walked past two Exotica sex museums, one Marijauna and Hemp museum, but only one church building.   Although the nation thinks they are modern, liberal and free thinking, we wish they had kept more of their former Christian values.
06 Amsterdam Marijuana Shop, Museum