The city of Bet She’an dates back to the 16th century BC.   It was one of the Canaanite cities that the Israel had trouble defeating.  It was an administrative center during King Solomon’s reign.   It became a Roman city in 63 BC and much of the archaeological ruins dates back to the Romans.10_110706 Beit Shean PC


There is a large Roman arena for gladiators and other Roman sports for the common Roman citizens in Bet She’an.20_110706_Beit_Shean_Amphitheater

The columns in the background used to border the main street of the town in Roman days.26_110706_Beit_Shean_Ruins6

Bet She’an also had an amphitheatre for the Roman nobles to view theatrical productions.30_110706_Beit_Shean_Amphitheater2

Below are mosaics from the 1st century that have been found in Bet She’an.33_110706 Beit Shean, Capernaum PC

Nearby at the Kibbutz of Bet Alpha, we visited an old synagogue from the 6th century AD.   The floor still has the original mosaic tiles.90_110606 Mosaic, Beit Alpha Synagogue PC



Bet Shean Pics