After Sun Island, we traveled to our next hotel in Huatajata on the shores of Lake Titicaca.   Outside our hotel window we could see an eco-village that was part of the hotel complex.
20080501F Inca Utama Hotel

20080501G Andean Eco-Village Dried Potatoes
The local people sun dry their potatoes so they can last through the winter.  The potatoes lose most of their size and acquire a black tint.  Nearly every meal contained both potatoes and rice.

20080502K Huatajata World's Highest Elevator
Our hotel was recognized as having the highest elevator in the world.

20080502J Huatajata Reed Boats and Makers
We were pleased to meet Demetrio Limachi, who was the builder of several reed boats that crossed the Atlantic Ocean.  One of those boats was the RA-II.
20080502J Reed Boat Ra II  Makers PC

20080501G Andean Eco-Village  Reed Boat, Dimitri

20080502NHuatajata Inca Hutama Hotel Chapel
Near our hotel was a small but lovely old chapel

20080502L Inca Utama Hotel Outdoor Dining
We had lunch at one of the hotel restaurants that was built over Lake Titicaca.

20080502P Century Cactus, Huatajata
Suzanna is standing beside a Century cactus.  It blooms only once every 100 years.

20080502P Century Cactus, Sun Isl,
After the Century cactus blooms, it secretes an oily liquid, which spontaneously ignites and burns the cactus.

20080502A Huatajata Lake with Reeds
Parts of Lake Titcaca are shallow and covered with reeds, which the natives use for livestock fodder, building materials and creating floating islands.   Our boat traveled through channels in the reeds.

20080502B Island Church
We visited a small island, where they still make the reed boats and saw this old church.

20080502G Quewaya Island Natives on Uru-Iruitos Floating Isl
Next we took a reed boat to see the Quewaya Island natives on Uru-Iruitos Floating Island.

20080502G Quewaya Island Natives on Uru-Iruitos Floating Isl1
The islanders supplement their income by selling home-made crafts.

20080503C La Paz Travel
As we traveled towards La Paz, we noticed that most of the vehicles were crowded with passengers.

20080503A2Tiwanaku Ruins , Pre-Inca02
Near La Paz, we visited the Tiwanaku Ruins.   This was the remains of a gigantic pre-Inca temple and city that dates back to the 1300’s.
20080503A5 Tiwanaku Ruins , Pre-Inca2

20080503A5 Tiwanaku Ruins , Pre-Inca1
Embedded into the walls were hundreds of carvings of heads.  Each one was done out of a different kind of stone and took decades to carve.

20080503E La Paz Tribute to Pope John Paul's Visit
In the city of La Paz is a large cross that was put up in honor of Pope John Paul’s visit.

20080503F La Paz Streets & Mkts
The streets of La Paz were filled with street vendors.

20080503F La Paz Govt Bldgs
La Paz government buildings

20080503H La Paz Hotel Dinner
Suzanna at our last dinner in Bolivia.  Out the window we could see  the city of La Paz.

20080504 Leaving Bolivia for USA
Leaving La Paz, we flew over the Andes mountains.