After a week in Peru, we headed over to Bolivia
20080430N0 Entering Bolivia

20080430N1 Copacabana Cathedral Blessing Vehicles
Outside the Copacabana Cathedral, there were decorated vehicles.   When someone in Bolivia buys a vehicle they take it to the cathedral, decorate it, and await the priest to bless it.

20080430N1 Copacabana Cathedral
Every city tour featured visits to huge cathedrals dating back to the 1600s.  The Copacabana Cathedral was dedicated to the Copacabana Virgin, who was credited with saving the city from a flood.
20080430N1 Copacabana Virgin Int

20080430N5 Hydrofoil Boat
Since Lake Titicaca is as big as Lake Superior, we spent a lot of travel by boat.   Here is a hydrofoil that we took when visiting Moon Island and Sun Island.

20080430P Moon Is, Sun Virgins Temple
On Moon Island, we visited the Virgin Temple, where young Inca virgins lived until their time of sacrifice.

20080430Q Sun Isl Ascent with Oxygen
When we arrived at Sun Island, where we were to spend two nights, the climb to the top of the hill was so steep and the altitude so high, that the hotel sent a medical aid to follow the tourists up the hill with an oxygen tank, in case it was needed.

20080430S Posada del Inca Eco-Lodge on Sun Island1
The hotel was an eco-lodge.  It used solar power and most of the furniture was locally made.
20080430S Posada del Inca Eco-Lodge on Sun Island3

20080430S Sun Isl Sacred Fountain
At the base of Sun Island is the spring where all the island inhabitants must come to draw water.  This water is considered a fountain of youth.

20080430S Sun Island  Laundry
Laundry day on Sun Island

20080501A  Sun Island, Uma Kollo Restaurant, Inca Terrace dining
Lunch on Sun Island was served at a scenic restaurant overlooking Lake Titicaca

20080501D Lake Titicaca Boat Ride
Suzanna on a boat to the backside of Sun Island to see the Chincana Ruins

20080501E3 Chincana Ruins on Sun Island6
Richard and our guide Guido on the climb to the Chincana Ruins

20080501E3 Chincana Ruins on Sun Island7
View of Lake Titicaca from the Chincana Ruins.  It is hard to imagine that it is over 13,000’ above sea level and not looking down on a Hawaiian beach.
20080501E3 Chincana Ruins on Sun Island802

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Bolivia-Sun Island