The ancient city of Caesarea was built by Herod the Great around the time of the birth of Jesus.   The city walls were surrounded by a moat.11_110506_Caesarea_Moat

The entrance to Caesarea was built by the Crusaders.   Walled entrances and high narrow windows were built for defensive purposes.20_110506_Caesarea_Entry

This is the walled exit from the city.25_110506_Caesarea_Exit

Below are pictures of the ruins from the city of Caesarea.   It was built by Herod the Great and later refortified by the succession of Arab, Crusader and Turk conquerors.28_110506 Caesarea Streets PC


Caesarea was a major seaport during the days of the Roman Empire.   It was quite windy and raining softly during our visit.36_110506_Caesarea_SeaPort

The Romans build an elaborate aqueduct system to supply drinking water from the north.  It is an amazing engineering feat to have it still standing after over 2000 years.55_110506_Caesarea_Aquaduct2

The wind was extremely strong and made it hard to stand under the aqueduct arches.60_110506_Caesarea_Aquaduct



Caesarea Pictures