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Travels in Turkey - Cappadocia

Following another long bus ride, we arrived in the town of Urgup.   Cappadocia is an area in Central Turkey best known for its unique moon-like landscape, underground cities, cave churches and houses carved in the rocks.  The name “Cappadocia” dates back to Persian times, when the region was called the “Land of Beautiful Horses”.
191 20130810 Cappadocia Map

Many of the hotels in this town were carved right into the hills.   Here is a picture of our hotel, when we arrived and again the next morning in the daylight.
191 20130810 Cappadocia Urgup Cave Hotel

192 201308_09 Cappadocia  Hotel

The rooms of our hotel were constructed out of the native rock and partially carved into the side of the hill.   This was our favorite hotel.  It was like staying in a very ancient formal museum.
193 201308_08 Cappadocia Hotel Room

194 201308_08 Cappadocia Hotel Room

The only thing that seemed out of place was the bathroom shower.   It came with so many controls and knobs, that we did not figure out everything it was able to do.   It looked like a space capsule inside.
195 201308_08 Cappadocia Hotel Room

Cappadocia 4K Hike

We started our first day in Cappadocia by going on a 4K hike through Pigeon Valley.  
200 201308_09 Cappadocia - 4K Hike

There was only one very rustic toilet along the hiking trail.
201 201308_09 Cappadocia - 4K Hike Toilet

Very rugged landscape
202 201308_09 Cappadocia - 4K Hike

Along the trail we saw many pigeon houses carved straight into the rock formations.   There are carved openings to enter and gather the pigeon manure for use on the crops.
203 201308_09 Cappadocia - 4K Hike

Some parts of the trail were narrow and winding.
204 201308_09 Cappadocia - 4K Hike

204 201308_10-Richard_Cappadocia caves

Other parts of the trail were open, hot and rugged.
205 201308_09 Cappadocia - 4K Hike

We went inside one of the many ancient churches carved into the rock formations.
207 201308_09 Richard in Cappadocia caves02

Some of the frescos in the church are still visible.
207 201308_09 Cappadocia - Carved Church 11th century

Near the hiking trail we saw vineyards with red and green grapes.
208 201308_09 Cappadocia Grape Vines

At the end of the trail we arrived in the town of Goreme.   In the hills above the town, there are still the remnants of carved homes that used for over a 1000 years.
208 201308_09 Cappadocia - Goreme

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