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Travels in Turkey - Cappadocia

On the afternoon of our second day in Cappadocia, we visited many of the local landmarks.

Imagination Valley

At the nearby Imagination Valley there were numerous interesting rock formations.   One rock formation looked like a sitting duck and one further back looked like a couple kissing.
250 201308_10 Cappadocia - Imagination Valley

Uchisar Roman Watch Tower
A little further down the road was an ancient Roman Watch Tower.   This was different from the nearby underground cave cities.   The Romans had carved their dwellings upwards to the top of the fairy chimney, since their main purpose was to be on watch for possible invaders, rather than to hide from any invaders.
255 201308_10 Cappadocia - Uchisar Roman Watch Tower

256 201308_10 Cappadocia - Uchisar Roman Watch Tower

Craftsmen Shops
While in Cappadocia, we visited some craft shops.   First we went into a local pottery factory and watched the traditional making of Turkish pottery.
260 201308_10 Cappadocia - Potter at Work

Next we visited a silk rug factory.   The process for separating the silk fibers and weaving them into a beautiful rug was very similar to what we had seen at the Ephesus silk rug factory.   First the silk worm cocoons are put in very hot water in order to unravel the individual silk fibers.
262 201308_10 Cappadocia - Weaving Rugs from Silk

The silk fibers are spun into silk threads.
263 201308_10 Cappadocia - Weaving Rugs from Silk

Lastly the silk threads are manually knit together into a beautiful rug or tapestry.
264 201308_10 Cappadocia - Weaving Rugs from Silk

Travel and Food
The roads in Cappadocia, especially near the Goreme Open Air Museum, are spiral, narrow and steep cobble stone.
270 201308_10 Cappadocia Curvy Roads

One of the restaurants we visited in Cappadocia was carved into a rock formation.   The meal of meat and vegetables was sealed inside a clay pot and the pot was set on fire.
272 201308_10 Cappadocia Flaming Pot Meal

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