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Thursday, June 5 – Copenhagen, Denmark

As we entered Copenhagen, we passed by several endless rows of orange buildings that originally were used to house the sailors in the Danish Navy.
00 Copenhagen-Old homes for Dane Sailors

Our first stop was to see the “Little Mermaid”.   This statue is the best known attraction in Copenhagen.
01 Copenhagen-Little Mermaid Statue

In the water we could see some jellyfish.
01a Copenhagen-Jellyfish  in canals

Next we visited the square in front of the Royal Palace, home of Margaret II, queen of Denmark.
02 Copenhagen-Royal Palace-home of Queen Margaret II

In front of the Royal Palace, we watched the changing of the palace guard.
02a Copenhagen-Royal Palace Guards

Nearby to the Royal Palace is Slottsbacken Cathedral, which was built in the 1600’s.
03 Copenhagen-Marble Cathedral-near Royal Palace

St Alban's Church (often known as the English Church) is an Anglican church in Copenhagen. It was built from 1885 to 1887 for the growing English congregation in the city.
04 Copenhagen-Old English Church-some Royalty married here

We also drove by the Danish Parliament building.
05 Copenhagen-Parliament Building

We also saw Kobenhavns University, which is the oldest university in Denmark.
06 Copenhagen-Kobenhavns University-oldest in Denmark

In the center of the city is a Trivoli Fountain.
07 Copenhagen-Trevi Fountain-downtown

Here is a view of one of the city streets in downtown.
08 Copenhagen-City Street Scenes

And here is a picture of one of the canals in the city.
09 Copenhagen-Canals thru the city