11/24/13   Our Wonderful Time on the Sound of Music Cruise Ship

Here we are preparing to board the Sound of Music cruise ship.   The temperatures were just a little above freezing, so we were all bundled up.
01 Passau-Sound of Music Cruise on Danube River

Upon boarding the cruise ship, we were greeted by the colorful reception area.
02 Sound of Music Cruise-Reception Desk

Before we could even complete unpacking our suitcases, we were required to attend a mandatory safety drill.  
03 Sound of Music Cruise-Safety Drill

The food was delicious.  It was difficult to avoid bringing extra pounds of weight back home with three great meals served every day.
04 Sound of Music Cruise-Dessert

The air may have been cool, but the skies were usually clear and it was good to take time to enjoy the sights as we slowly cruised down the Danube.
10 Passau-Meeting of Danube and IIz Rivers

Here we are again, enjoying another wonderful supper.
20 Budapest-Cruise ship meal

Stuffed pepper served at lunch time.
22 Sound of Music Cruise-Lunch

As we docked in each city, the meal menus featured foods that were local favorites.   Here is part of the evening buffet bar, when we were docked in Vienna.
27 Vienna-Dinner Buffet on Cruise Ship

Suzanna is enjoying a Baked Alaska dessert.
30 Budapest - Baked Alaska dessert

Richard is enjoying the sights of Passau as we glide silently by.
40 Passau-View from the Cruise ship

Every day it was interesting to see how the housekeeper would arrange our towels and face cloths while we were dining.
50 Sound of Music Cruise-Wash clothes

Local talents provided the evening entertainment in the ship’s lounge.
60 Sound of Music Cruise-Evening entertainment

Suzanna is taking one last opportunity to enjoy the sights of Budapest, as we complete our cruise.
80 Leaving Budapest (11)

Richard is preparing to load our luggage on the bus, as we head for the airport for our return to England.   It has been a very blessed time!
90 Leaving Budapest