Next we headed south to the Dead Sea .   This is the lowest spot on the earth that is not covered by water.10-110806 Dead Sea Area PC

From our hotel room we had a gorgeous view of the Dead Sea.   Even though it was November, the weather was fabulous.14-110706 View from Dead Sea Hotel


Like all visitors we headed for the beach.30-110806_Dead_Sea (1)


It is impossible to sink in the Dead Sea.  The water is eight times saltier than the ocean.40-110806_Dead_Sea (3)

The sea floor is covered with several inches of salt crystals.   It feels like fine sand when wading into the sea.56-110806_Dead_Sea (6)

Rocks and driftwood become covered with salt crystals.58-110806 Dead Sea Salts

After a refreshing swim, everyone was relaxing in the sun.64-110806_Dead_Sea (9)

Along the Dead Sea’s northern shore at Qumran are the hillside caves, where the Essenes had lived and the Dead Sea scrolls were found.70-110806 Dead Sea Scrolls Area

Near the Dead Sea are many recent sink holes.   All the irrigation along the Jordan River has reduced the amount of water coming into the Dead Sea and consequently has reduced the water table level, causing sink holes to form.82-110806 Dead Sea Area Sink Holes



Dead Sea Pictures