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Christmas 2014 in Egypt – Aswan

Aswan was a mixture of old and new.     For most of our travels within Aswan, we used horse drawn carriages.
00 201412_25 Travelling through Aswan

One of the highlights of our time in Aswan was our visit to the huge Coptic Church.
01 201412_25 Aswan - Coptic Church

01 201412_25 Aswan - Coptic Church (2)

We took a van trip to see the Aswan dam.  Actually there is more than one dam – the older famous Aswan dam which prevented flooding and the more modern High Aswan dam which was built to provide electricity of the country.
03 201412_25 Aswan High Dam with Richard & Suzie

We took a short boat trip into Nasser Lake behind the Aswan dam to Island of Philae in order to see the Temple of Isis.
04 201412_25 Philae Temple for Isis in Aswan Egypt 3

04a 201412_25 Philae Temple for Isis in Aswan Egypt

When the Roman Empire was persecuting Christians, some of the Christians worshipped at the Philae Temple for several years.  They carved crosses into the walls and altars.
04b 201412_25 Philae Temple in Aswan Egypt-used as church (see cross)

In Aswan is the Unfinished Obelisk.   It would have been the largest obelisk, but when it was being removed, cracks developed in the obelisk and it remained in an unfinished condition in the quarry.
05 201412_25 Unfinished Oblisk in Aswan

We visited the old Cataract Hotel in Aswan.   It was at this luxury hotel that Agatha Christy wrote her well-known book “Death on the Nile”.
06 201412_25 Aswan-Old Cataract Hotel

The Cataract Hotel had a most unusual Christmas tree in front of the hotel.
06a 201412_25 Aswan-Old Cataract Hotel-Christmas Decorations

Inside the hotel was one of the very few Nativity sets that we saw in Egypt.
06b 201412_25 Aswan-Old Cataract Hotel -Nativity Sets

From the hotel balcony we had a great evening view of the Nile river.
07 201412_25 Aswan-Old Cataract Hotel -View of Nile River

While in Aswan, Richard finally got his Blackberry phone programmed to use an Egyptian phone SIMM.   The task started 4 days earlier in Hurghada.   Since it was a Friday (Muslim holy day), the phone stores were closed, so we had a local shop keeper help us.  It only took 2 hours, cups of tea and pressure to buy tourist goods from the shop.
08 201412_26 Aswan-Richard getting phone SIMM working