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Christmas 2014 in Egypt – Edfu

One of our stops along the Nile was at the small town of Edfu, where we travelled by horse drawn carriage.
01 201412_24 Travel to and from Edfu Temple

Edfu Temple of Horus
The best preserved temple in Egypt is the Edfu Temple of Horus.
02 201412_24 Edfu Horus Temple - Front

02a 201412_24 Edfu Horus Temple

The hawks of Horus guard the temple gates.
02c 201412_24 Edfu Horus Temple - Statue of Horus

Hieroglyphics on the temple walls.
02d 201412_24 Edfu Horus Temple 3

Temple of Kom Ombo
After we saw the Edfu Horus Temple, we travelled to the Temple of Kom Ombo.  In the courtyard in front of the temple entrance is a sacrificial altar.
03 201412_24 Kom Ombo Temple

Hieroglyphics on the temple walls, showing Horus.   The temple was dedicated to the Egyptian gods Horus and Sobek.
03a 201412_24 Kom Ombo Temple-Suzie by Horus image

Kom Ombo Crocodile Museum
Near to the Temple of Kom Ombo is the Kom Ombo Crocodile museum.   The Egyptian god, Sobek, is depicted as a crocodile or as a crocodile headed man.  Sobek was believed to have created the Nile.   A crocodile was always kept at the Kom Ombo Temple and visitors brought him gifts.   When the crocodile died, he was embalmed, just like the pharaohs and kept at the temple.  Then a new crocodile was selected to represent Sobek.   The museum was setup to display the crocodile mummies.
04 201412_24 Kom Ombo Crocodile Museum

Along the river bank in Edfu, vendors set up shops to sell their merchandise.   It was like running a gantlet to try and get back to the ship.
05 201412_24 Kom Ombo Tourist Market by Nile