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Christmas 2014 in Egypt - Hurghada

From London we flew to Hurgahda, a town on the Egyptian Red Sea coast, where we stayed at a seaside resort.  
01 201412_21 Hurghada Shore line

While in Hurghada we took a trip on a glass bottom boat to see the coral reefs under the Red Sea.
01 201412_21 Richard and Suzie on Red Sea

01b 201412_21 Red Sea Coral beds

On Sunday we visited the Hurghada city center to see the local churches.   The Coptic Christian church was having Sunday services, so we were able to go inside, but not take photos.
02 201412_21 Hurghada Coptic Church

Nearby we visited the Hurghada Mosque.
03 201412_21 Hurghada Mosque

03a 201412_21 Hurghada Mosque inside

Before we could enter the mosque, Suzanna had to dress in appropriate clothing, since women need to cover their heads and hide most of their body.
03b 201412_21 Hurghada Mosque - acceptable dress code

There was an interesting sign on the outside of the mosque.
03c 201412_21 Hurghada Mosque sign

We took a quick dip in the Red Sea.  It looked so inviting, but it was a little cool this time of the year.
04 201412_30 Red Sea (with Suzie)

Some of the road signs in Hurghada were quite confusing.
05 201412_21 Hurghada Street Sign

Since this was the Christmas season, some of the palm trees near the resort were decorated in Christmas lights.
07 201412_20 Christmas lights in Hurghada

Christmas in Egypt is basically a secular celebration, involving Santa Claus.   After December 25th, some of the Santa Claus decorations were taken down and some nativity sets were displayed.   The Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas on January 7th, close to the day when we celebrate Epiphany.
07 201412_31 Hilton Hotel Nativity set

On New Years Eve, the resort had a very elaborate dinner with plenty of New Years Eve decorations.
09 201412_31 Hilton Hotel New Years Eve banquet (Suzie)

09 201412_31 Hilton Hotel New Years Eve banquet (Richard)