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Christmas 2014 in Egypt – Nile Cruise

Before we could embark on a 7 day Nile River cruise from Luxor to Aswan, we had to take a 5 hour van ride from Hurghada to Luxor.    We observed many Egyptians still using donkeys for carrying load or transportation.
01 201412_22 Travel from Hurghada to Luxor-Ladies with Donkey

01 201412_22 Travel from Hurghada to Luxor-Man with Donkey cart

Due to all the locks and dams on the Nile that the cruise ships cannot negotiate, the actual Nile River travel distance was not as great as we anticipated.   Life on the river boat was peaceful with scenic views of the Nile.
02 201412_26 Suzie and Richard on Nile cruise

Along the Nile we saw many fishermen, using poles and nets.
03 201412_23 Nile River Scenes from boat-Fishermen

Although most boats were rowed by men, we did see one lady rowing a boat.  Note how the oars are shaped much differently from those in America.   They looked more like a plank of wood.
03 201412_23 Nile River Scenes from boat-Woman in boat

We both took some time to relax and catch up on our reading while slowly cruising down the river.
04 201412_23 Suzie relaxing on Nile Cruise-Suzie relaxing

04 201412_26 Richard enjoying Nile cruise

Christmas Day was spent on the river cruise ship.   The special Christmas meal had some surprises.   Note that the roasted turkey was to be served with prunes, instead of cranberry sauce.
05 201412_24 Christmas Dinner  Menu

There were Christmas decorations on the ship, but none related to the real reason for the holiday.
05 201412_24 Christmas Eve on Cruise ship

Here are some scenic views of the Nile from the cruise ship.
06 201412_26 Nile River scene

06 201412_27 Nile River scenes from Cruise ship

The sunset over the Nile River was always very beautiful.
08 201412_26 Sunset on the Nile River


Egypt-Nile River