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Christmas 2014 in Egypt – Bedouins and Sahara Desert

While in Hurghada, we took a day trip into the Sahara desert to visit a Bedouin village.   Since we would be traversing the Sahara desert in a variety of ways and due to the dusty conditions, we were strongly encouraged to adopt the local Bedouin head coverings.
01 201412_31 Sahara Desert

After a long van ride to the edge of the Sahara desert, we embarked on a 4 wheeler drive across part of the desert.
02 201412_31 Sahara Desert-Riding Quads

Next we drove a dune buggy across a section of desert.
03 201412_31 Sahara desert (Richard in dune buggy)

We walked over some huge sand dunes and managed to get a cup of sand in each of our shoes.
04 201412_31 Sahara Desert sand (with Suzie)

When we reached the Bedouin camp, we took a short camel ride.
05 201412_31 Camel Riding-Richard

05 201412_31 Camel riding-Suzie

Next we watched the Bedouin women make some local flat bread over an open fire.
06 201412_31 Bedouins making local bread

Prior to an evening show of belly dancers, fakirs and other local entertainment, we enjoyed a Bedouin meal.   Richard gained a new friend who wanted to share his barbequed meats.
07 201412_31 Bedouin Village visit-Richard with friend