Eliat is the only Israeli city on the Red Sea.   Israel has only a small strip of coastline between Egypt and Jordan.10-111206_Eilat PC

Here is the view from our hotel room.   Below is a small bay off the Red Sea.20-111506_View_from_Eliat_hotel

If you look close, you will see Suzanna in the hotel glass elevator.22-111506_Eliat_Suzie_Hotel_Elevator

This bridge spans the harbor channel which leads from the Red Sea to the area behind our hotel.40-111406_Eliat_waterway

After a day of shopping in the hot sun, a Coca-Cola sure hits the spot.60-111406 Eliat (4)

Here is Richard relaxing outside one of the Eliat museums.65-111406 Eliat (1)

This was a monument to the soldiers who fought for Israel’s independence.68-111406 Eliat (3)

We took a half day cruise on the Red Sea.    From the ship we could easily see the countries of Jordan and Egypt.70-111406_Eliat_Cruise_of_RedSea (1)


Looking back from the cruise ship, we could see Eliat.73-111406 Eliat , Red Sea

This is a view of the country of Jordan from the cruise ship.74-111406_View_of_Jordan_across_RedSea

Here is an unusual sign in Eliat, concerning the care of dogs on public property.80-111406 Eliat




Eliat Pictures