Here we are driving up the Golan Heights.  The Sea of Galilee is in the distance.15-110606_Climbing_Golan_Heights2

The blackened area on the left side of the picture is where a Hezbollah rocket struck during the recent fighting.16-110606_Climbing_Golan_Heights

Here is a picture of Israel from the top of the Golan Heights with the Sea of Galilee in the background.20-110606 Jordan Valley and Golon Hts PC

While in the Golan Heights, we had lunch at a Kibbutz.   From the dining room window, you can look out over the Sea of Galilee and Lebanon beyond.30-110606 Golon Hts Kibbutz

From the Kibbutz, we could see the Sea of Galilee below and over to Syria and Lebanon in the distance.33-110606_GolanHeights_view_Galilee3



On the slopes of the Golan Heights, the Israeli people grow grapes, which they use to make wine.80-110606 Golon Hts Vineyard PC

Our tour group stopped at one of the Golan Heights wineries for a quick tour of the facilities.81-110606_GolanHeights_Katzrin_Winery2




Golan Heights Pics