Although the Roman Catholics and Greek Orthodox believe that Jesus was crucified and buried at the site of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, many Protestants believe that Golgotha is located outside the modern Damascus city gate.10-111106_Golgotha (3)

Here is the hill of Golgotha.  The skull face can be seen in the rock face.12-111106_Golgotha PC

At the top of the hill of Golgotha are TV antennas for the nearby apartment building, where the cross may have been.14-111106_Golgotha (1)

Here is the Garden Tomb, where most Protestants believe Jesus was buried.20-111106_Garden Tomb PC

22-111106_Garden_Tomb (2)

The tomb was hewn out of the rock.24-111106_Garden_Tomb (1)

On the door to the tomb is the Good News.26-111106_Garden_Tomb




Golgotha & Tomb