Much of our traveling across Israel was done by bus.   The country is about the size of Rhode Island, so the travel times were not excessive.10-110506_Touring_by_Bus

While driving down the main street in Haifa, you can see the Baha’i temple.     Haifa is the third largest city in Israel and the largest city in northern Israel.12-110506_Haifa_Bahai_Temple

At the end of the main street is the Baha’i temple.    The Baha’i religion originated from the Moslem religion hundreds of years ago.   It is not considered part of the Moslem faith and the Baha’i followers were persecuted by the Moslems, so they moved their headquarters to Haifa.13-110506_Haifa_Bahai_Temple3

From the top of Mount Carmel (where Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal)  is an overlook of the city of Haifa and the Mediterranean Sea.15-110506_Haifa

Looking down at the Baha’i temple and the temple grounds, you can see the beautiful landscaping.   Bushes and grass are hand cut with scissors. 30-110506_Haifa_Bahai_Temple433-110506_Haifa_Bahai_Temple7

After heading east from Haifa, we stopped in a Druze village for lunch.   The Druze are also Arabs, but they are not Moslems.    The Druze are proud to be Israelis and they serve in the Israeli armed forces.90-110506_Haifa-to-Nazareth_Lunch02



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