While visiting with LeBron and Libby Williams at their home in Heinzberg, Germany, we took a one-day trip to the Netherlands.  We drove by Amsterdam on our way to the seaport town of Haarlem, which is the childhood home of Corrie Ten Boom.

Suzanna and Richard in Haarlem, Netherlands
320 200703 D_Haarlem, Neth (10)

Are We Lost Again?  Here we are trying to find the childhood home of Corrie Ten Boom.   None of us read Dutch.
330 200703 D_Haarlem, Neth Are we lost again

Saturday Market in downtown Haarlem
340 200703 D_Haarlem, Market (2)

Shopping for bread.   “Man shall not live by bread alone!”
342 200703 D_Haarlem, Market (4)

Say, “Cheese!”
344 200703 D_Haarlem, Neth, Say Cheese

 “The Hiding Place” – Corrie Ten Boom Museum  www.corrietenboom.com
370 200703 D_Haarlem, Neth , Corrie Ten Boom House

380 200703 D_Haarlem, Neth, Hiding Place


Note small, inconspicuous entry to the “hiding place” beneath bottom shelf
381 200703 D_Haarlem, Hiding Place Entry under shelf

Lunch in the van as we leave the Netherlands.  Libby made sure we always had plenty to eat.
390 200703 F_Haarlem Picnic in Van

The Williamses are leaving New Hope Baptist Church in Heinzberg, Germany, and the Greens are coming in their place.
420 200704 F_Apr1 Church, Williamses

New pastor and family. (The Greens)
440 200704 F_Apr1 Church, Greens (1)

There are windmills throughout Germany.
460 200704 F_Apr1 Windmills near German Church



Holland-April 07