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Travels in Turkey - Final Day in Turkey

After our time in Cappadocia, we flew back to Istanbul.   We had arranged with a tour guide to have a ride from the airport to our hotel.   Imagine our surprise when the driver showed up in an extended fancy limousine. 
274 201308_10 Istanbul - Limo from Airport

During our final day in Istanbul, we spent our time visiting the local shops.   One of our purchases was large wall map of Turkey.   The map ended up getting stuck inside the airport security scanner and we never got it back.
300 201308_11 Istanbul Shopping

While traversing Istanbul’s streets, we took time to enjoy some roasted corn on the cob.   It was good!
302 201308_11 Richard enjoying corn in Istanbul

On our last evening in Turkey, we ordered some Turkish pizza.   This was quite different from the pizza we had in Konya.   Yes, that is a fried egg on the middle piece of pizza.   It was good as well!
304 201308_11 Istanbul Pizza

It was a mixture of feelings as we packed up to leave Turkey.   We felt honored to have visited sites where the apostle Paul had travelled and where ancient Christian communities lived.  We hope to return again to see more of this country which once was the center of the early Christian church.
800 TurkeyTouristicMap

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