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02/14/12    New Zealand Trip

Part 3 - Fiordland NZ

What spectacular scenery we saw in Fiordland National Park as part of a wilderness tour that included bus travel and a scenic cruise in Doubtful Sound.  It rains 2 days out of 3 here, but we praise the Lord for a lovely day with no rain!
016A_201202_03 SandR Doubtful Sound_SM

Richard enjoying the cruise
016B_201202_03 Richard in Doubtful Sound_SM

Typical Doubtful Sound scenery.   Actually this is a fiord and not a sound, since it was formed by glaciers instead of river erosion.
016C_201202_03 Doubtful Sound Scenery

As part of the bus tour, we went to an underground power station, winding way down into the mountain like on a giant corkscrew.   It was amazing to see the bus turn around at the bottom of the tunnel with not much more than a coat of paint to spare as it negotiated a tight u-turn.
016D_201202_03 Manapouri Power StationTunnel_SM

Hmmm . . . I believe these mountains are taller than WV hills!
016E_201202_03 Suz viewing tall mts_SM

Food was terribly e$pen$ive! We saved money by buying groceries and preparing our own breakfasts and either lunch or dinner.  However, we $plurged on a traditional English meal at this lovely restaurant.  On other nights we enjoyed fish and chips, which is the NZ equivalent of fast food.
016F_201202_04 Dinner English menu_sm

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