Upon arriving in Jerusalem, we went to the top of Mount Scopus and looked over the lights of the city. 21-110806 Jerusalem Arrival

From the Mount of Olives we could look over the city of Jerusalem, including the Dome of the Rock.41-110906 Jerusalem from Mt. of Olives (2)

Who could resist riding a camel while on the Mount of Olives?44-110906 Mt. of Olives Camel Rides

View of the old city and the Dome of the Rock from the Mount of Olives.49-110906 Jerusalem from Mt. of Olives

View of the Kidron Valley from the Mount of Olives.50-110906_Jerusalem

View of the tombs on the lower slopes of the Mount of Olives.50-110906_Jerusalem_Kidron Valley (2)02

View of the entrance to the Dome of the Rock.   Only Moslems are allowed entrance up the ramp.56-110906 Old Jerusalem, Temple

We drove by the Jewish parliament building (Knesset).62-111006_Knesset

The Church of All Nations at Gethsemane.70-111006_Church of All Nations, Gethsemane

View of the Jaffa Gate and David’s Citadel in the daylight.78-110906 Jaffa Gate Old Jerusalem, David's Citadel and Peter's Denial Church

View of the Jaffa Gate and David’s Citadel at night.80-111106 Tower of David at Night, Jaffa Gate

On our last day in Jerusalem we had a farewell dinner in an Arabic restaurant.   Most of our tour group was heading back to the USA.  Only five of us were headed for Eliat.   In the center are our bus driver (Dov) and our tour guide (also named Dov).90-111106 Farewell Dinner, Dovie and Dov



Jerusalem Pictures