Below is a picture of where the Jordan River leaves the Sea of Galilee.20-110706 Jordan River Valley PC2

At the headwaters of the Jordan River, near the town of Yardenit, is place where baptisms in the Jordan River are permitted.22-110706_JordanRiver_Begins

24-110706 Jordan River (1)

The Jordan River was very peaceful and slow moving.39-110706_JordanRiver_Begins2

We could not resist wading into the river.40-110706 Jordan River (2)


There still are fish in the Jordan River.   That makes baptisms more interesting.43-110706_JordanRiver_Begins1

Here is a tour group who arranged to have a group baptism in the Jordan River.48-110706 Jordan River

Driving south along the Jordan River, we traveled through the West Bank.   Israel controls the highway and the Palestinians control the surrounding land.  At the exits from the highway are guarded border crossings.80-110706_WestBank_CheckPoint

Looking over to the east, we could see the Jordan River and the country of Jordan on the other side of the river.82-110706_WestBank_view_of_Jordan



Jordan River Pics