Near the Dead Sea Scrolls museum is a very detailed model of the city of Jerusalem from the time of Christ.  Everything is built on a scale of 1:25.21-111006_Israel_Museum_Model_of_Jerusalem

22-111006 Mini Israel, near Dead Sea Scrolls

25-111006_Israel_Museum_Model_of_Jerusalem (1)

The Dead Sea Scrolls museum is built to look like the lid of the clay jar, where the first Dead Sea scroll was found.32-111006_Israel_Museum_DeadSea_Scrolls

This is the Museum of the History of Israel at the Tower of David.40-111106 Tower of David Museum of History

From the top of the Tower of David, you can view the old city of Jerusalem.42-111106_Top_of_Davids_Citadel

Below is the courtyard of the Tower of David.44-111106_Davids_Citadel_Courtyard



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