The old city of Jerusalem is surrounded by ancient city walls.10-110906_Walls_of_Jerusalem (1)

13-111106_Outside_Old_Jerusalem (1)

The streets are cobblestone and very narrow; yet sometimes you still would encounter a car or a motorcycle.20-110906_Old_Jerusalem_Walk

Here we had lunch in the Cardo area of old Jerusalem.   Notice the two soldiers in the background.   There were lots of armed soldiers in the city.30-110906 Lunch near Cardo, Soldiers, Jenny

Lots of deliveries are done by push wagons on the narrow streets.  (There is a car in the background)31-111106_Streets_of_old_Jerusalem (1)

We could not resist buying Pita bread to snack on while we shopped.   Notice that this vendor is handling the bread with his hands and smoking over the bread.  We bought bread from a different vendor.31-111106_Streets_of_old_Jerusalem (2)

Some of the street had overhanging roofs which protected the street vendors from the weather.33-111106_Streets_of_old_Jerusalem

36-111106_Streets_of_old_Jerusalem (3)

The meat markets were small and located right on the side of the street.   Doesn’t that goat meat look delicious?40-111106_Streets_of_old_Jerusalem_meat_Market (1)


The streets were often crowded with street vendors and shoppers.50-111106_Streets_of_old_Jerusalem_markets (1)


Just outside the Damascus (Shechem) gate, there were still more street vendors.70-111106_Outside_Shechem_Gate (1)

Along the streets, the vendors sold everything.   This area had the merchandise that you might find in a Dollar General store.   Instead of putting the merchandise on shelves, it was piled along the road.72-111106_Outside_Shechem_Gate




Old Jerusalem Pics