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Pamukkale Area

After our trip to the Ephesus area, we took a bus on to the Pamukkale area. 

Near Pamukkale, we stopped to visit an Onyx factory.  Here we viewed large blocks of Onyx sawed and then ground and carved into bowls, dishes and decorative figures.
133 201308_06 Pamukkale-Cutting Onyx

134 201308_06 Pamukkale-Cutting Onyx

Pamukkale  (means "cotton castle" in Turkish) is a natural site in southwestern Turkey.   The city contains hot springs and terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water.   The ancient Greco-Roman and Byzantine city of Hierapolis was built on top of the white "castle"
135 201308_06 Pamukkale-Hierapolis Hot Springs

136 201308_06 Pamukkale-Hierapolis Hot Springs

People have bathed in its pools for thousands of years.   It is believed that the waters have much curative properties.
139 201308_06 Pamukkale-Hierapolis Cleopatras Hot Spring Pool

140 201308_06 Pamukkale-Hierapolis Cleopatras Hot Spring Pool

Although we did not swim in the waters, we did wade into the warm pools.
142 201308_06 Pamukkale-Hierapolis Hot Springs

Most of the ancient city of Hierapolis has been destroyed, but the ancient amphitheater is still nearly intact.
143 201308_06 Pamukkale-Hierapolis Roman Ruins

The sign over the entrance to the city gymnasium still can be read in the carved stone.
144 201308_06 Pamukkale-Hierapolis Roman Ruins Gymnasium

On the hill overlooking Hierapolis is believed to be the site of the tomb of apostle Philip.
146 201308_06 Pamukkale-St Philips Grave Site

After a long day, we headed off to catch an evening bus to Antalya on the Mediterranean coast.
130 201308_06 Bus to Antalya

131 201308_06 Bus to Antalya

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