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09/13/13   Our 10th Year Anniversary Trip to Paris

No visit to Paris would be complete without seeing Notre Dame Cathedral.  Construction was started in 1163 and essentially completed by 1345.
Here is the western facade of Notre-Dame de Paris.   While we were there, the church was celebrating its 850th anniversary.
30 201308_24 Notre Dame Cathedral (6)

Here is the southern facade of Notre-Dame de Paris, looking across the Seine River.
31 201308_25 Notre Dame 2

We arrived in time to attend Vespers service at Notre Dame.  It gave Richard an opportunity to practice reading the French songs and listen to the scriptures read in French.
32 201308_24 Notre Dame Vespers

Here are some pictures of the Notre Dame evening service
201308_24 Notre Dame interior

201308_24 Notre Dame interior (2)

There were several other notable churches and cathedrals in Paris, which we viewed, such as Eglise-St Paul-St Louis,
35 201308 Eglise-St Paul-St Louis

Saint Marie Madeleine,
36 201308_26 Saint Marie Magdeleine (2)

and Eglise du Dome.
38 201308_24 Eglise du Dome (5)


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