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09/13/13   Our visit to Paris Museums

Paris is a city of museums.   We would have needed a much longer stay to see all the major museums in Paris.  Of course we could not miss the opportunity to visit the Louvre.   In 1793 the Louvre Palace was transformed into a museum.   It is hard to imagine a building that is 652,000 sq ft in size and filled with art work.
10 201308_26 Musee du Louvre 4 (3)

The building was too big for our camera to take a single picture, so we had to combine three pictures in order to show the size of the building.
11 Louvre Museum_sm

It seemed like everyone wanted to see the Mona Lisa.   The crowds were so dense around the painting that it was hard to view.  We were surprised that the painting was not as big as we had imagined.  It was behind thick protective glass, which hindered any photography.
12 201308_26 Musee du Louvre 7 (6)       12 201308_26 Louve Ticket

We thought it would be a great idea to go to the Louvre on the day it rained, but everyone in Paris had the same idea.   The lines outside in the drizzling rain stretched endlessly.   As we looked for the end of the line, we saw one museum marker, noting that it was an estimated 2 hour wait in line and we still had not found the end of the line.   Needless to say, we decided to come back at opening time the next day.
13 201308_25 Musee du Louvre-Endless lines in the rain

The road entrance into the Louvre courtyard had such narrow openings, that the tour buses could hardly pass through.
15 201308_24 Musee du Louvre-Vehicle Entrance

The Louvre had an endless variety of paintings, sculptures and artifacts, including a statue of Aphrodite …
17 201308_26 Musee du Louvre-Aphrodite

and a statue of Hercules killing a monstrous snake.
18 201308_26 Musee du Louvre-Hercules

201308_26-Louve Sculptures

Here is Suzanna with a painting of the Last Supper.
201308_26 Suzanna at Last Supper Painting

Within the Louvre were the Napoleon apartments, which were later used as dining and meeting rooms by the heads of state.
19 201308_26 Musee du Louvre-Napolean Apartment

20 201308_26 Musee du Louvre-Napolean Apartment (2)

During the rain storm, we chose to visit the Rodin museum and see the many paintings and sculptures, including the famous “The Thinker”.
26 201308_25 Rodin Museum The Thinker (2) 

25 201308_25 Rodin Museum Ticket

Near the Rodin Museum was the Military Museum (Musee de l’Armee).
27 201308_25 Musee de L'Armee

Off in the distance from the Musee de l’Armee we could see the Eiffel Tower.
28 201308_26 Musee de L'Armee Grounds


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