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09/13/13   Our 10th Year Anniversary Trip to Paris

While in Paris we travelled by train, tour bus, taxi and Metro.
60 201308_24 Paris Metro Stop

Suzanna waiting on the early morning Metro to arrive.
61 201308_25 Waiting on the Metro

Suzanna viewing Paris and Seine River from the top of a tour bus during a windy day.   Thankfully it did not rain on this day, since the top of the bus was not covered.
62 201308_24 Seine River 7

During the day with continual rain, we travelled around Paris from the comfort of a Batobus (river bus taxi).
64 201308_25 Batobus

65 201308_25 Travelling by Batobus in rain

Since this was a celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary, we took advantage of the great Paris cuisine.
66 201308_25 Supper in Paris (3)

One night we ate at an Egyptian restaurant where the meal was cooked in a sealed clay pot along with a generous portion of couscous.
67 201308_26 Clay Pot Coucous

In front of one restaurant, we watched a young pig being slowly roasted.
68 201308_24 Paris Food (2)

At another restaurant we saw a wide variety of kebab choices.
69 201308_25 Kebabs ready to Cook

Here is Richard waiting for the Metro as we prepared to head back to the Paris train station.
69 201308_27 Richard waiting for Metro


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