11/27/13   Passau, Germany

The next morning we docked in 2500-year-old Passau, known for its colorful houses, cafes, cobblestone lanes and riverfront promenade.
201311_27 01 Passau

Passau is a Bavarian town with a mix of Roman, Italian Baroque and Gothic architecture.
201311_27 02 Passau-View across the Danube

The autumn air was a bit nippy on the river, but the view of the city was wonderful.
201311_27 03 Passau-View from the Cruise ship - Copy

St. Stephen's Cathedral is a baroque church that was built in 1688 AD. 
201311_27 04 Passau-St Stephens Cathedral-1668 AD

St. Stephen's Cathedral has the largest cathedral organ in the world with 17,774 pipes.
201311_27 05 Passau-St Stephens Cathedral-1668 AD (7)

The Residenzplatz (Residence Square) Fountain is decorated for Christmas.   St Stephen’s Cathedral can be seen in the background.  To the left is the home of the Roman Catholic bishop.
201311_27 06 Passau-Residenzplatz Fountain (Residence Square)

Many of the streets of city are very narrow.   In this picture St Stephens can be seen in the distance.
201311_27 07 Passau-View of St Stephens Cathedral in distance

Here is another picture of the narrow streets of Passau.
201311_27 08 Streets of Passau

On the hill overlooking Passau, the Veste Oberhaus (Bishops Fortress) and be seen.   It was built in 1219 AD as a fortress and stronghold of the Bishop of Passau.   Painted on the front of the building is the date 1499, when this section was renovated.   Between 1535 and 1540, numerous Protestant Anabaptists were imprisoned in the castle dungeon for their beliefs.
201311_27 09 Passau-Veste Oberhaus (Bishops Fortress)-1219 AD (3)