We are thankful for a safe and pleasant 15-day trip to Peru and Bolivia.   We started our trip by flying into Lima, Peru.
20080421M Entering  Peru

20080422B0 Lima Santo Domingo Convent
Suzanna at Santo Domingo Convent in Lima.   This is the site of the oldest university in the Americas (early 1500’s) and the home of St Martin.

20080422B Lima Ocean View
Lima is situated on a plain above the Pacific Ocean. Looking down from Lima is the highway that runs along the Pacific coastline.

20080422C Lima Money Changers
At every street corner in Lima, there are official money changers

20080422C Lima Streets w Balconies
Streets of Lima

20080422E Lima City Hall
Richard and Suzanna in front of Lima City Hall

20080423A Cuzco's Airport
Welcome committee at Cuzco airport

20080423B1 Cuzco Hotel Coca Tea
Enjoying Coca tea at our Cuzco hotel - a beverage that combats altitude sickness.  Coca leaves are also chewed.        20080423B2 Coca Tea - PC

20080423F Cuzco's Narrow Streets
Cuzco’s streets were very narrow

20080423G Cuzco People & Animals
Whenever we stopped, the vendors swarmed around to sell their wares

20080423H Cuzco Inca Ruins Tour
Inca wall that formerly surrounded the city of Cuzco (Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park)

20080423M Cuzco Dinner & Show

Dinner show in a Cuzco restaurant
20080423M Cuzco Dinner & Show102

20080424A2 Leaving Cuzco, Residential Areas
We stopped as we left Cuzco to view  the city.

20080424A2 Leaving Cuzco, Residential Areas1
Note the Peruvian adobe homes in the countryside with thatched roofs and sun-baked mud brick walls.

20080424B Pisac Indian Mkt in Urubamba or Sacred Valley
Suzanna at the Pisac Indian market in the Sacred Valley.  The market covered several city blocks.
20080428E Andean Foods and Crafts PC02

20080424D Ollantaytambo Fortress, oldest Am settlement
Ollantaytambo Fortress in the Sacred Valley.  It is the oldest continuously lived-in settlement in the Americas, dating back before the 1300’s.

20080423A Map

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Peru-Lima & Cuzco