00_111305 petra pc scenes

Here are Alan, Ellen and Kris heading across the DMZ towards the Jordanian border.00_111306_Jordan_Entrance

Welcome to the country of Jordan.01_111306_Jordan_Entrance (1)

Suzanna and Kris shopping for bargains in a Jordanian store.03_111306_Suzie&Kris_Shopping_in_Jordan

Below is the town of Wadi Moses, where it is believed that Moses struck the rock to cause water to flow for the Israelites.   The spring still flows.04_111306_Wadi_Moses(Moses Spring)

Suzanna is looking towards the distant mountain top, where it is believed that Aaron was buried.05_111306_Viewing_Aarons_Tomb

Heading out on foot towards the ancient city of Petra.   09_111306_Heading_into_Petra 2

The entrance to Petra is through a very narrow canyon, which is nearly a mile long.    This canyon and the Treasury tomb at the end of the canyon was featured in the third Indiana Jones movie.20_111306_Petra_entrance_Canyon_Walls (6)20_111306_Petra_entrance_Canyon_Walls (3)

Along the way one of the canyon walls had naturally eroded, and formed the shape of a “fish face”.20_111306_Petra_Fish_Rock (1)

Along the way there are ancient carvings on the canyon walls.   Below is the remains of the carving of a camel and camel driver.21_111306_Petra_Canyon_Wall_Camel_Man_Carving

Along the canyon walls, waterways were carved into the walls to provide water for drinking and irrigation in the city of Petra.21_111306_Petra_Canyon_Wall_Water_runway

At the end of the canyon, you can see a glimpse of the Temple tomb.21_111306_Petra_Canyon_Exit02

Here is a view of the entrance canyon, looking from the Temple tomb.22_111306_Petra_Canyon_Exit2

Here is the Temple tomb.   It was carved entirely out of the sandstone cliff.41_111306_Petra_Treasury_Tomb (2)40_111306_Petra_Treasury_Tomb

The Temple tomb is continually guarded by a Jordanian soldiers.43_111306_Petra_Guards&Soldiers44_111306_Petra_Guards&Soldiers (1)

For those who do not wish to walk, there are plenty of camels and donkeys that are available for hire.45_111306_Petra_Camels_for_Hire47_111306_Petra_Main_City_area46_111306_Petra_Donkeys_forHire

The area begins to widen as we headed towards the main part of the old city.   Along the way, there are lots of carved tombs in the surrounding sandstone cliffs.53_111306_Petra_More_Tombs54_111306_Petra_Looking_at_Old_Tombs50_111306_Petra_Carved_Tombs02

An earthquake many years ago destroyed the homes.     Currently there are archaeologists working to uncover additional homes and buildings.55_111306_Petra_Ongoing_Excavations58_111306_Petra_Ongoing_Excavations302

Below looks towards the main center of the city of Petra.60_111306_Petra_Area_destroyed_By_earthquake

The amphitheater was carved entirely from the sandstone cliff wall.61_111306_Petra_Amphitheater

There were two restaurants in the main center for the tourists, and we took advantage to have lunch at one of them.  If you look closely, you will see that the back wall is really the sandstone cliff wall.65_111306_Petra_Lunch (1)

Lunch was a delicious buffet.   It was served in a room carved out of the sandstone cliff.65_111306_Petra_Lunch

Next we headed towards some of the tombs for a closer look.75_111306_Petra_Carved_Tombs (3)

Some of the tombs are at ground level.   Others were up long series of carved steps.70_111306_Petra_Looking_at_Old_Tombs (1)70_111306_Petra_Looking_at_Old_Tombs (2)76_111306_Petra_Looking_at_Old_Tombs (3)

The importance of the person being buried determined the size of the tomb.   The inside of some of the tombs were as big as gymnasiums.78_111306_Petra_Looking_at_Old_Tombs (6)79_111306_Petra

During the 1400’s the Crusaders ruled this area and occupied the city of Petra.    Above the city, the Crusaders built a fortress.    They carved a walkway across the upper cliff face for entrance to the fortress.    It is an extremely long way down and there are no guardrails.80_111306_Petra_View_from_Crusader_Fortress (3)80_111306_Petra_View_from_Crusader_Fortress (2)

Below are some views of the ruins of Petra from the Crusader fortress.82_111306_Petra_View_of_citysquare_from_tombs82_111306_Petra_View_from_Crusader_Fortress



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