On April 4th, Suzanna and Richard, accompanied by LeBron and Libby Williams, arrived in Wroclaw, Poland, formerly called Breslau.   In Wroclaw we visited with Scott and Jackie Newman who are serving as short-term missionaries to the university students.

LeBron “reading” a Polish newspaper, traveling by train through Poland
600 200704 D_Apr4&5 Train Travel (2)

Rather than pay for meals in the restaurant car, we brought along our own picnic lunches.   Here are LeBron and Libby dining on the train from Berlin to Poland.
601 200704 D_Apr4&5 Train Travel

Missionaries Scott and Jackie Newman with Libby and LeBron Williams in train station at Wroclaw, Poland.   The train station is over 150 years old.
710 200704 F_Apr4&5 Poland Scott & Jackie Newman, Libby & LeBron Williams

View from our hotel room in Wroclaw.   The city is full of Roman Catholic cathedrals.
715 200704 D_Apr4&5 PolandView from Hotel Window (1)

Below are pictures of the City Square in Wroclaw.  It was a bit cool and windy.
820 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland Town Square (3)

821 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland Wroclaw City Hall


In the City Square are some modern fountains.  The air was cool and nippy, and the splashing fountains made it seem colder.
822 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland Town Square

Near the city square was an outdoor market.  It sold everything from horseshoes, flowers, jewelry, clothes, food, and wood works to live chickens.   You can tell that it was cool from the way that Libby is dressed.
744 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland Market (3)

740 200704 F_Apr4&5 Poland (2)

748 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland Market Jackie & Scott

742 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland Market (2)

On our fist night in the city, we had dinner in a Polish restaurant, which was located in a former underground bomb shelter
780 200704 Apr4 Newman Web pic_1 (1)

782 200704 Apr4 Newman Web pic_1

One of the most interesting places in the city was the Panorama.  it was a gigantic 360 degree painting.   The figures in the painting were life-sized and it was designed to look absolutely real.   Your eyes had trouble convincing your mind that it was only a painting.   The painting depicted the time in Polish history where Poland successfully won their independence through a peasant uprising.
800 Apr4&5 Wroclaw Panorama, 1894

801 Apr4&5 Wroclaw Panorama, 1894

Here is the street in front of the University in Wroclaw.  Once again the tour guide needs to consult the map in order to traverse the streets of the city.
837 200704 F_Apr4&5 Poland (5)

In front of the university is the famous naked swordsman statue.
833 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland University Campus

Suzanna in front of St. Elisabeth Cathedral
841 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland Suz @ St. Elizabeth Church

Poland’s “Hansel and Gretel” houses
844 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland Hansel & Gretal Houses (2)02

Here is one of the streets leading into the City Square. (That’s Richard holding up the lamppost)
849 200704 F_Apr4&5 Poland (8)


Scott Newman is standing outside the university building where he works with students in English-speaking classes.
850 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland Scott Newman

St. Elisabeth Convent straddled the street.  The buildings on both sides of the street were connected by an arched building that extended over the street.
We took pictures of a church and convent that had Mother’s name, Elizabeth

857 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland St. Elizabeth convent


When touring Wroclaw, it easily becomes quite apparent that Poland is a Roman Catholic country.   Church Island in the middle of of the city was filled with Catholic churches. 
863 Apr4&5Wroclaw Churches

To get to Church Island we had to cross one of the numerous bridges. Only Venice, Amsterdam, and St Petersburg have more bridges than Wroclaw.
861 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland Church Island (2)

One of many old churches in Wroclaw
862 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland Church Island (5)

Suzanna stopped to see the shopping selection along the street while we were at a tram stop.  At this street vendor, all merchandise was ladies underwear.
870 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland Shopping

Here we are dining in a Polish restaurant again.  Notice that in Poland the servings are not skimpy.
880 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland Dining (2)

882 200704 D_Apr4&5 Poland Dining


Late in the evening of April 5th, we received word that Suzanna’s mother had passed away.  She indeed became a saint, like the name of the church and convent we’d seen that same day,  as she was promoted to Heaven.

We canceled the last 2 weeks of our trip and spent the next three days traveling to West Virginia for the funeral.

We returned to Heinzberg, Germany from Poland, for a night before catching our flight back home for the funeral.  It was like “camping out”.  The Williamses were selling furniture, preparing to move back to the USA, and “making do” with temporary sitting and sleeping accommodations.  We are so appreciative of their hospitality.
900 200704F_Apr1 Relaxing



Poland-April 07