11/26/13   Regensburg, Germany

Regensburg is one of Germany’s largest and best preserved medieval cities.  The old Stone Bridge crossing the Danube near the city center was constructed in 1146 AD.
201311_26 01 Regensburg - Stone Bridge

Here is a view across the Danube River at some of the historic homes in Regensburg.
201311_26 02 Regensburg-beside the Danube River

The construction of the St. Peter’s Cathedral began in 1275 and continued until 1634 AD.   The original church on the same location was built around 700 at the site of the North Gate of the old Roman fort.   Interestingly the large pipe organ was not installed until 2009.   It is the largest and heaviest hanging organ in the world.
201311_26 03 Regensburg Cathedral-1275 to 1634 AD

Near the old Stone Bridge is the historic Sausage Kitchen of Regensburg.   It has been serving German sausages for more than 900 years! Originally it catered to the workers who built the Stone Bridge.
201311_26 04 Sausage Kitchen of Regensburg-900 yrs old (4)

The historic Goliath House was built in 1573 AD.
201311_26 05 Regensburg Goliath House 1573 AD

The Christmas market was preparing to open in a few days.   The Christmas tree was decorated and vendors were setting up their temporary shops.
201311_26 06 Regensburg Christmas Market

Since the city is very old, many of the streets are very narrow.
201311_26 07 Regensburg Streets

One of the local industries is hand-made cuckoo clocks.   Most of the clocks were very intricate and detailed.
201311_26 08 Regensburg-Cuckoo Clock Store (2)

 Within the city center are remains of East Tower of Porta Praetoria from Ancient Roman times, dating back to 179 AD.
201311_26 09 Regensburg-remains of East Tower of Porta Praetoria from Ancient Roman times-179 AD