While traveling to the Golan Heights, we stopped in the town of Safed.   It was the major Jewish settlement after WWI and today it is primarily an artist colony.    The town is built on the side of the mountain, so the sidewalks have lots of steps.10-110606_Safed_Street

This is not the town for people with weak knees.   The sidewalks are narrow stone staircases.15-110606_Safed_streets

Our tour guide, Dov, gave a brief history of the town and its’ many synagogues.  Notice that most of the homes in Israel have hot water tanks on their roof and they use solar panels to heat the water.19-110606 Safed, Kabbalist center, artist colony (2)

One of the synagogues that we visited, dated back to the 1600’s.   The synagogue and town was founded by a group of Jewish immigrants from Greece, who were known as Kabbalists.20-110606 Safed Synagogue, Kabbalist center, artist colony (4)

There were many artist shops.   One shop specialized in candles.   Look at one of their detailed wax candle creations.40-110606_Safed_CandleShop

Below is the interior to one of the synagogues.   Notice the bullet hole.  During the war of independence in 1948 a stray bullet entered the synagogue.   Miraculously no one was injured because everyone was kneeling in worship at the time.50-110606_Safed_Synagogue_BemaSeat_BulletHole


Heading back to the bus involved more of the continual stone staircases.90-110606 Safed, Kabbalist center, artist colony



Safed Pictures