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Friday, May 30 – Tallinn, Estonia

We were favorably impressed with the small but colorful nation of Estonia.   It has not been very many years since they separated from the Soviet bloc and joined the European Union.   There is a mixture of both old and new, as the country seeks to catch up with their western European neighbors.   The parliament building is directly connected to one of the old Medieval Towers that formed part of the old city wall.
00 Tallinn Medieval Tower-next to Parliament bldg

Nearby a new MacDonalds restaurant stands across a cobble stone street from another old Medieval Tower.
01 Tallinn Old City Walls contrasted with McDs

An ancient narrow cobblestone road leads down from the upper city to the lower city.
02 Tallinn -Suz on Cobblestone Sts

One of the narrow gates from the old city wall still leads into the lower city.
03 Tallinn Medieval Entrance to City

Here we are overlooking the lower part of the old city of Tallinn.
03c Tallinn View of Lower Old City from Upper Old City-Hanhams

The people of Estonia come together every 5 years for days of singing.  Over of the population of the country gathers together and participates in the Song Festival.   Nearby is the Tuletorn Lighthouse which is only lit during the Song Festival.  On the top of the hill slope is a statue of Gustav Ernesaks who was an initiator and general leader of the Song Festival for nearly 50 years, including keeping it going during Nazi occupation times.
04 Tallinn- Festival of Singing Park

04b Tallinn- Festival of Singing Park-Sign2

Here we are posed in front of the Tallinn Russian Orthodox church (built in the late 1900’s).
05 Tallinn Russian Orthodox Ch-Cathedral of St Alexander Nevsky

Nearby we visited St John’s Estonian Evangelical Lutheran church which was built in 1867.
06 Tallinn Protestant (St Johns Lutheran) Church

The Estonian army was holding military exercises near the city center.
07 Tallinn Military Assembly

We saw the Tallinn Holy Spirit church which was originally constructed in 1319, although there were significant renovations in the late 1600’s.   It had a clock in the wall that dated back to the 1700’s.
08 Tallinn Holy Spirit Church, 17th C Clock

 09 Clock_of_the_Church_of_the_Holy_Ghost_in_Tallinn


Tallinn, Estonia