On November 3rd, we arrived in Tel Aviv (the largest metropolitan area and the technology center), which is located by the Mediterranean Sea.08-110506 Tel Aviv PC

Behind Suzanna is the Dan Panorama Hotel, where we stayed in Tel Aviv.09-110406_TelAviv_Hotel

From our hotel window we could look out on the Mediterranean Sea.11-110306_TelAviv Hotel02

12-110406 View of Med Sea from Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv

An Arab mosque was located close to our hotel.13-110406_Mosque_near_Hotel

The next morning we took a walk though Neve Zedek (suburb of Tel Aviv).    This was the original settlement from which Tel Aviv was founded.19-110406 Walking Tour of Neve Zedek, Tel Aviv (1)

This unassuming building in Neve Zedek is where Ben Gurion signed the declaration in 1948 that made Israel an independent country.20-110406_Bldg_where_Israel_became_a_Nation

This monument in Joppa (Jaffa) commemorates the fact that the city is over 4000 years old.   It was from the seaport of Joppa where Jonah tried to run from God, and where Peter had the vision while staying at the house of Simon the Tanner.40-110406_Joppa

In the center of Joppa is a clock tower, which was built by the Ottoman Turks nearly 800 years ago.42-110406_Joppa_ClockTower

St Peters Cathedral in Joppa was the only Christian church that we saw while in Israel.   When we tried to find a church in Tel Aviv, the hotel concierge could only locate one Protestant church in the entire city of Tel Aviv.44-110406_Joppa_St_Peters_Church

After supper in Joppa, we looked at the lights of Tel Aviv across the Mediterranean Sea coast.47-110406_TelAviv_Lights_over_MedSea



Tel Aviv Pictures