This is the Mount Herzl Military Cemetery, where all of Israel’s dignitaries are buried.20-111006 Mt. Hertzel Mil Cemetery

Here is Golda Meir’s grave site.   Notice that the Israelis leave rocks on the graves, instead of flowers.22-111006 Mt. Hertzel Mil Cemetery (1)

Here is Richard heading off to King David’s tomb with David’s Citadel in the background.29-110906 David's Citadel in Background

This is the entry to King David’s tomb.31-110906_King_Davids_Tomb (2)

Here is King David’s tomb, as it looked a year ago.    35-111006_David's Tomb PC

Now the Orthodox Jews have the tomb room divided by a curtain, so that men see one side and the women see the other side.   This is the view from the women’s side.36-110906 David's Tomb, Women's Side

This is a view of the tombs on the slopes of the Mount of Olives.   Many of these tombs have rocks on the lids that have been placed by Israelis as a means of remembrance.50-110906 Jerusalem from Mt. of Olives (3)



Jewish Tombs